About Logo

The founders and pillars of Colegio De Porta Vaga envisioned to have symbolic representation of it's mission and vision to be brought unto fruition by the execution of the Institutional goals and objectives.

The figure and illustration depicted above provides meaning the epitomized the birth and purpose of existence of Colegio De Porta Vaga.

GEAR AND ATOMIC MODEL - Symbolize the strength and thrust of CDPV to provide quality training catering both the Technical and Academic programs.

WORDS ENCRYPTED IN THE ATOM - represents the core values and commitment of the institution which is to always provide quality service to its clients.

ILLUSTRATION /DRAWINGS ENCRIPTED IN THE GEAR - the depth in scientific & mathematical literacy as one of the primodial targets and training and instruction.

LEAF BENEATH THAT ENCOMPASSED THE LOGO - Symbolizes achievement, pride and higher stature.

TORCH - Colegio De Porta Vaga envisions the institution to be the guiding light in tracking odyssey of students paths and success .

DOVE GOING INTO THE LOGO - The guidance of the Holy Spirit will make all dreams and visions become a reality and success.